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28th July 2022

What Foods & Drinks Cause Yellow Teeth?

Our fantastic dentists around the Macclesfield area help our patients with a whole host of dental concerns, from the appearance of their smile, to the health of their mouth, teeth and gums. Today, we’re focusing more on your dental health, and on the subject of staining in particular. It’s a very common concern among our patients, and something we’re able to help with in nearly all cases. To find out more about what causes staining, how to avoid staining and treatments for stained teeth, read on.

So, what foods and drinks cause yellow teeth?

In most cases, highly pigmented (coloured) foods and drinks cause staining, but acidic foods can also be a problem, as they wear away the tooth’s protective enamel coating (a process known as tooth erosion). To be more specific, here are a few common culprits of tooth staining:

– Coffee: This popular beverage contains tannins, a type of chemical that’s a leading cause of tooth staining. They cause colour compounds to stick to your teeth, which can make them appear yellow.

– Black tea: This works in a similar way to coffee. However, drinking either of these beverages with milk – which contains casein – might help to neutralise staining.

– Red wine: An acidic drink, this one wears away the enamel by opening up the pores in the teeth, which leaves spaces for the pigment to settle in.

– Sauces: Soy sauce, BBQ, ketchup, curry sauces – all these and more can stain your smile as they combine acidity with dark pigmentation.

– Carbonated drinks: High in acid, often pigmented (for example, cola) and usually with a high sugar content, these form a three-pronged attack on your teeth.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive – we’ve simply listed some of the most common.

Why is tooth staining a problem?

A yellow smile can make your teeth appear dull, aged and even unhealthy. And, with some causes attacking your tooth enamel, you could also be opening up the floodgates to oral health problems in the future, such as dental carries (cavities) and even tooth loss.

How do I fix tooth staining?

Teeth whitening is a fantastic restorative treatment that helps to revive your smile and renew your confidence. It’s also a great way to lighten the whole smile and target stubborn staining that brushing can’t lift. For mild stains, we may be able to reverse these through a professional clean and polish. And, if it’s just the odd tooth that’s a concern, we may be able to help with other treatments, such as veneers or composite bonding.

How do I prevent tooth staining?

There are lots of ways you can minimise this problem on your smile:

  • Swill your mouth out with clean water after eating staining foods and drinks, or better yet give them a full brush
  • Use a straw with cold staining drinks, as this limits contact with the teeth
  • Use sugar-free chewing gum to boost saliva production in your mouth, which can have huge oral health benefits
  • Get plenty of vitamins and minerals to strengthen teeth and target stains, for example carrots, apples and celery
  • Attend regular dental check-ups to keep on top of your smile

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